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 The team at Locking Preschool are well established within the community. We are proud to say that Locking Preschool has been established since 1968 - that's 55 years of inspiring children to learn, laugh and grow!

" I can't begin to explain to you how happy this makes us as her parents.
We couldn't feel more proud and so happy that she's so happy and always elated when talking about pre school. Mollie has always been looked after by her Grandmother's since I returned to work when she was 7 months old so it makes us very happy to see her so at ease within the pre school. We've found the most perfect pre school for her and we only have you all there to thank for that, it really does mean so much."
  By Hannah Turner- Mollies's Mum.

“My son started at your preschool 4 weeks ago and you guys have been amazing! Kobe was so upset when I first brought him to you, it would have been so easy to say “we will try again next year” but you made us all feel less anxious and now we are doing great! All of the ladies are so lovely and I know my child is in safe hands. I would recommend your preschool over and over again. Thank you!!”

By  Lucy Perrott 2021

Locking Preschool are committed to safeguarding all children and building a 'Culture of Safety' in our setting.

 In North Somerset, and  Locking Preschool we celebrate diversity, promote inclusion and challenge racism and all forms of prejudice. We want every child to grow up to do the same.

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