Parent Partnerships are extremely important to us at Locking Preschool. Building positive relationships with parents is key and enhances children to feel safe and secure with unfamiliar people. This can help a child's settling-in period be smoother and more effective.

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Did you know that children develop more rapidly during the first 5 years of their lives than at any other time? 

That’s why this crucial period is known as ‘The foundation years.’ If you nurture certain skills during these first 5 years, you create a solid foundation from which your child can build on for the rest of their life. Think of it as giving them a head start to learning. Talking about starting right, literacy is one of those skills that parents can nurture in those early years.

Why literacy?  Reading and writing are the fundamentals of early education, not to mention that they crop up multiple times every single day. From reading road signs and writing shopping lists to learn a new language, literacy is a skill that is vital for everyone.